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Hairstyle is a very important part of your personality and it is surely one of the major aspects of your body that will either make you look really nice or horrendous. Women have realized this fact ages back and since then have been concentrating on the way they make their hairstyles. Hence we do see a lot of hairstylists dedicatedly working to make women hair look absolutely stunning. Men, as always late, have realized the value of hairstyles and are now very much into trying new hairstyles, finding out which hairstyle is in trend, which would suit their face cut and overall personality.

With the passage of time, we have seen many hairstyling salons emerging that specialize in only providing hair care facilities to men of the new century. With these new men salon coming into existence, we even see the modern men moving from the typical crew cut and side parts to a lot of new and exotic hairstyles.

The rising trend of hairstyles in men has eventually opened up a great market with respect to hair salons, hair care products specifically designed for men. The year 2010, as it has unveiled itself, has bought about some new hairstyles for men. We will talk about the most in hairstyles and cuts briefly.

Long Bang Hairstyle - This hairstyle is ideal for men who have silky straight hair with a small or narrow forehead. Long bangs look very trendy and chic and hence are the hottest hairstyle of the year 2010.

Classic Part Hairstyle - This is one of the most traditional and old hairstyle and even our grand fathers would be familiar with this hairstyle. But with the passage of time hairstylists have bought innovation in this too. In the year 2010 two classic styles that are most talked about include side sweep (right) and slick back (middle).

Messy Hairdo - We always used to hear the phrase from our moms "Don't create a mess!" but who would have imagined that messy hairdo would be the most in hairstyle in the year 2010. Messy hairdo looks attractive and very chic and is, for sure, easily manageable. And the best thing about this hairstyle is that it suits every face cut.

Spike Cut - This hairstyle is very famous among teens and footballers. In fact we may be right in saying this hair cut is a football inspired hair trend. Spike cut is one of the most contemporary hairstyle and hair gel is often required to get that spiky look.

High and Tight - This hairstyle is a fashion statement on its own. As the name suggests this hairstyle is for the crazy, wacky young lads of today. This cut was typically referred to as the military cut in which the sides are made very small leaving the centre hair and hence giving an enriching look.
The hairstyles and cuts that we have talked above are the most popular ones in the year 2010 as far as men fashion hairstyles are concerned. You would find every other celebrity, model and footballer with one of these hairstyles.
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Men's Fashion Hairstyles

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This article was published on 2011/01/16